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Homeward bound and Pre-Travel Update

(Tuesday 22 September 2009) by Al/Alvin "Poison" Challis

So this is my first "blog" as it were on my travel "blog". I thought i would give you all a bit of an update as to what is happening prior to the start of the trip and how i am feeling etc.

I moved all my stuff back home to glorious Bridport on the Sunday just gone (20th September) from Southampton and with no where to be able to store the gear at my parents house, it has been promptly moved to my Nan's for safekeeping. Typical parents... you have been away for seven years after going to University and then living in Norwich and Southampton and they clear out your old bedroom to make room for a study with no regard as to whether you still want the room or not. The bloody cheek of it i tell you! :-(

Still i am not going to let this get to me and my impending plans of which i am much looking forward to. Le Grand Depart takes places on the 29th September and the first stop will be Perth, Australia. I plan to spend 2 and a half months travelling through the land of Crocodile Dundee before flying to Auckland, New Zealand from Brisbane on the 11th December. From there the plan is to probably work a while in the City of Sails and to then travel the length and breadth of both islands exploring and commenting as i go. The next step after this point and is yet to be decided.

For those who are signed up to Facebook and have joined my group there, my travels will be supplemented by the antics that is Challenge Challis. In a nutshell, Challenge Challis involves people setting challenges for me to do whilst i am on my travels and then for me to report the outcome of these challenges via the blog here.

The challenges which i have been set so far and which are on my list to do are as follows with the person who set me the challenge in (brackets) :

1. Get a Maori tattoo (Marcia Calvino-Garcia)
2. To get photos of me and at least 10 of Australia's big things (David "Millsey" Mills)
3. Learn to Surf, preferably at Noosa in QLD, AUS (Si "Hot-Tub" Jackson)
4. Have the LOL face taken with me and my fellow travellers wherever i go. (Si "Esay" Collins)
5. To find Russell Crowe and to challenge him to a fight whilst shouting "tugger!" (Marcia C-G again!)
6. To get Peter Jackson back on the Krispy Kremes diet so that his filmaking abilities dramatically improve after the crap that he has made Post- Lord of the Rings. (Emerey "Travis Bickle" D'Sylva)
7. Find someone who actually drinks Fosters in Australia. (Sally South)

Obviously the number of challenges that i do will increase as i go as me and people i meet come up with new and exciting ideas as to what to do.

The ideas that i have got for challenges are as follows:

1. To drink 101 types of different Australian and Kiwi Beer and to comment on the findings of each and every one of them and rating them with a five star rating system.
2. To attempt to recolonise Australia for the County of Dorset by flying the flag from different national monuments and landmarks, whilst simultaneously trying to prevent myself from getting deported.
3. To follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook wherever i can (Because he is an absolute hero!)

If anyone has anymore challenge which they would like to set me, please make a comment or let me know via Facebook or they can email me. Ideas are greatly appreciated.

It is going to be strange leaving the UK for an extended period of time. I have some great friends and have met some amazing people in the places where i have worked, travelled etc. However, the time has come to do this elsewhere and this is an experience that i have looked forward to for a long long time.

Speak to you next when i am in Aussie!


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