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1st Night and Day

(Friday 2 October 2009) by Al/Alvin "Poison" Challis
Upon getting to the hostel at around 1am, I was met by the night supervisor who showed me my bed and gave the hostel tour. (Me being incredibly tired and crabby at this point). Upon getting into bed, i proceeded to wake everyone else up in the dorm. Well, almost everyone. An older guy (who i found out later his name to be Doug) was doing a pretty good job at keeping people up with his incredibly loud snoring and as a result we both managed to systematically wake up the dorm and keep it up for most of the night.

Most of my sleeping was done surprisingly after Doug had left early in the morning (It was definitely earlier than 11am which was when i rose from my slumber). i felt like utter shit like someone had battered me repeatedly around the head with a large and heavy object (take your pick which), but i thought i would get better as i went along if i got out and about in the Perth sunshine.

I started walking and ended up by the Perth Bell Tower by the Barrack St Quay. i was initially confused as i thought there must have been a wedding going on or something as all i could hear were bells constantly ringing. It did not twig until i saw the sign "Bell Tower" that this is what this building is designed for; to confuse and piss as many people off as possible by bells ringing constantly throughout the day.

i had fish and chips and my first beer in Australia (A little creatures pale ale) and shared my table with an Aussie from Victoria named Grant. He said he was in Perth visiting his mate who played cricket for Western Australia. It did not take long for him to mention the Ashes series, which i had bet with people as to how long it would take for this to happen. He seemed a good guy and i wished him well as i headed back to the tour of Perth.

I headed for the WACA (Western Australia Cricket Ground) via Queen's Gardens which were absolutely beautiful and were in fact based on how a traditional English country garden should look. There were amazing amounts of flora and fauna there albeit a little bit haunting with the Black Crows which they have over here which when they squawk sound like they are about to fall out of the sky and die. Anyways, it turned out that the WACA was shut for tours until Monday so i decided to turn back to the Hostel.

I headed back having felt i had walked the best part of a Marathons distance around Perth, and to think i would have an early night and be ok in the morning...WRONG. It ended up being that i went out with folks from the hostel when i promised myself that i would not. I am so weak for alcohol it really is rather worrying.

However it turned out to be a really good night. We went to a pub called The Elephant Wheelbarrow. i tried my first pint of Toohey's New which i did not think was too bad at all. I would rate it as a 3.5 out of 5 on the star rating system (More to be mentioned on the 101 Beer Challenge in the next blog). After the Elephant Wheelbarrow we ended up trying to look for some gay club that a couple of the guys wanted to go to (Their idea not mine, i did not want to rock the boat and say that i did not want to go). However, to my relief it turned out that this club was closed and we ended up going to a club call the Deen which was your standard nightclub/pub venue (Expensive Beer, scantily clad Women, full of guys who are complete morons).

we ended up going back to the Hostel at about 3 in the morning, but i did not get to sleep much before 4 due the fact that a gut in the dorm had brough a girl back from the club and proceeded to make a lot of noise (put it that way and think of something else if you want to picture the moment). I gave him a bit of a ribbing when he got up the next day about the noise he created. He just laughed.

So that was my first fully day in Perth. Let's hope the rest of my trip is eventful, incident filled and action packed.:-)

  • Nice one Al by Dad

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